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May 16th, 2022 Beautiful weekend ahead fishing continues to improve

Fishing for striped bass continues to improve with some larger fish, up to almost 40 inches, being caught after dark. Dark colored swimming bottle plugs seem to be doing the trick (Northbar/Gibbs). Fishing around the Breachway has been productive in the morning and evening and if you can catch the tide right that will improve your chances. The worm hatches or spawn went off this past weekend with tons of worms. Anglers who have been having the most success are finding areas with fish and less worms in order to make there presentation stand out among the thousands of worms.  The spawn should continue strong for the next few weeks. Worm hatches are a lot of fun on fly gear or light tackle spinning gear. Tautog fishing is still producing some nice catches with even the shore guys getting some fish. The Narragansett shoreline has been fishing well for tog as have the breakaways during the slower stages of the tide. Squid are in pretty thick and boats targeting them in 40 to 60 feet of water at night seem to have doing well. There has been a lot of talk in the shop about weakfish showing up locally! If you stop in at the shop, we may point you in the right direction. Fluke are starting to filter in along the beaches, but its been slow so far this season which is not a surprise given water temperatures and the time of year. Reports just came in of a large number of healthy bluefish showing up in the Breachway. 

May 9nd, 2022 weather improving should be a fishy weekend ahead!

Striped bass fishing continues to improve with more and larger fish reported this past week before the wind and weed picked up in the breachway. Fish are being caught in the breachways and salt ponds and out front along the beaches. Bucktails, swimbaits, and SP Minnow/ Joebaggs Swarter in white or bone have been the ticket for success. There were some big worm hatches in the ponds this past week that drew bass to the back shallow waters of RI salt ponds. Fly fisherman have had success on cinder worm pattern flies and spin fisherman have been trailering these flies behind a wooden casting egg and having good results. With warmer temperatures expected this week the hatches should continue and anglers should have a great opportunity to get some of their first fish of the season. Once the wind lies down at end of the week water clarity and weedy conditions should improve. Squid have been showing up with some boats doing well around south county beaches. A few reports of both winter and summer flounder (fluke) being caught off the beaches this past week. The tautog bite has been holding up pretty well when the weather cooperates, and more people have been catching them recently from shore. We have plenty of crab and other fresh bait in the shop, we are open 7 days a week! The rocky shoreline around Narragansett has been one of the better areas for shore-based fishermen. Cod reports seem to be hit or miss with a few anglers reporting nice catches but others struggling to find the fish. Some boats falling victim to an early dogfish bite. Along with cod, there were reports of a few haddock caught this past week.

May 2nd, 2022 Striper bite improving! Including some on Cinder Worms!

Improving reports of striped bass being picked up, including some slot fish. These fish are being caught from the west wall, local breachways, beaches, and ponds. The outgoing tide seems to be producing more fish than the incoming in both the breachway and along the beach. Tautog fishing is showing signs of improvement with some keeper fish being caught in the breachway and along the Narraganset shoreline. Squid are starting to move into areas around Newport and Jamestown but not in big numbers just yet. There have been reports of some cod being caught close to shore in as little as 15-feet of water.

April 25th, 2022 Tautog and Striper bite continue

 Migratory striped bass continue to move in along the beaches with some of those fish moving up into the salt ponds to feed. Not a lot of numbers yet but definitely a few fish around. All of the fish reported this past week were small but many were covered with sea lice indicating that they recently moved into the area. There were reports of a few tautog caught from shore this past week which is a good sign that the fish are moving into shallower water. Local boaters are taking advantage of the warmer days and targeting tautog in 15-20 ft of water around the Breachway.  Other Boats heading out south of Block Island continue to find some cod along with the occasional tautog. Freshwater reports remain strong with some nice trout still being caught in the local rivers and ponds.

April 18th, 2022 Migratory Striper starting to show up!

The first wave of migratory striped bass are just starting to show up at a few locations along the south shore. These fish are generally very small and best targeted with small, single-hook jigs or lures that allow for an easy release. There were reports of some worm hatches taking place in a few of the shallower coves this past week. Nothing much feeding on them yet but the hatches will certainly attract the attention any recently arrived bass moving into the salt ponds to feed. The tautog fishing is just starting up with a few reports coming in of fishing being caught locally in 40- to 50-feet of water. The tautog will be moving in much shallower very soon as they prepare for spawning. For baitfish, there have been reports of herring and some American shad moving up into the rivers along with some talk of schools of mackerel popping up along the beaches.

April 11th, 2022 Trout season off to a great start and increasing holdover Stripers reports!

Lots of customers were focused on trout fishing this past weekend. The Rhode Island DEM did a great job with stocking this spring and most angers reported doing very well on both Saturday and Sunday. The trout weren’t hard to hook and were caught on crawlers, mealworms, Power Bait and a wide variety of lures. Plenty still in stock! Sticking with freshwater there have been some nice largemouth bass taken recently on large swimbaits that do a nice job of imitating freshly-stocked trout and in some areas herring which are coming in to spawn. In saltwater, boats have been doing well for cod with some tautog mixed in out around Block Island. Holdover striped bass are also becoming more active especially in areas where there is a herring run.

April 4th, 2022 Trout opening day on Saturday April 9th , Blackfish opened April 1st and Stripers on their way!

There has been word of herring showing in some of the local runs but no news of striper action in the vicinity. The only striper reports were coming from known holdover spots like the Thames River. There were some reports of winter flounder from the salt ponds and some white perch as well. Freshwater guys are still catching plenty of nice bass and anxiously awaiting opening day of trout season coming this Saturday, April 9. Come see is for all your fishing needs. Lots of New Inventory!

March 28th, 2022 Warmer temperatures with trout opening day on Saturday April 9th

Freshwater guys have been finding some nice largemouth bass on swimbaits and jerkbaits at various local ponds. There have been a few holdover stripers taken from the ponds along with some decent sized winter flounder. Stop by the shop this week to get bait and gear for trout opening day!

March 07, 2022 Warming up and RISAA show this weekend!

Over at Breachway B&T word was that there was some holdover striper action in some of the salt ponds with some white perch as well. Almost time to start throwing large swimbait in the local freshwater ponds for large mouth bass. They haven't heard any codfish reports in more than a week. Stop by booth #602 at RISAA to say hello and meet the new owners of this classic Rhody tackle shop..

February 28, 2022 Ice Out and RISAA Show

Local ice is gone and some guys have been pulling some pickerel and panfish from local waters. Holdover striped bass and white perch are waking up again, but the bite has been pretty slow. When the weather windows present themselves, boats are getting out south of Block and hooking a few codfish as well. Make sure to swing by to see us at the RISAA show Booth 602 so you can meet the new owners and see what we have in mind for the shop in 2022

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